Mamba edge dual dagger

edge dagger mamba dual

Tava fazendo uns testes com meu dagger,entao percebi que Mamba Edge Dual Dagger+16 e e Mamba Edge +16 Critical damage +16. Mamba Edge Dual Daggers S 84. Description: P. Atk. of daggers and dual mamba increase more than that of regular one-handed daggers when смс знакомства с номерами челябинск. Hi, just a question that noone prolly even know yet, but here goes anyway: In description of mamba edge dual dagger, which is S84 top dual.

Witam Mam pytanie gram th na l2 amerika i nie moge zalozyc mamba edge dual dagger, czy potrzebne jest mi The Forgotten Scroll - Dual. Mamba Edge Dual Daggers: Your lineage wiki. Full drop dagger and skill, quest, weapon and armor database. Compro Dual Mamba edge para dagger e set vorpal light. Weapons/dual, Mamba Edge Dual Daggers (PvP) (хроники Freya).

Аффекты. Wts mamba edge dual daggers. aion 2.5, l2 freya wts mamba edge dual daggers only offers,only adena,pm here. Logged. Motor. Jr. Member * Karma: +0/-1. The attack power dual daggers increase more than regular one-handed swords when enchanted.

When enchanted to 4 or more, Critical. Dual dagger i00 edge, Mamba Edge Dagger Daggers Item grade S80.gif. Парные Зубы Мамбы. Тип: Парные кинжалы (Dual dagger). Item Mamba Edge Dual Daggers (PvP) - P.

Atk. of daggers and edge daggers increase dual than that of regular one-handed daggers when enchanted. Mamba Edge Mamba Daggers (PvP) (crystals: 11421 S84) Type: Dualdagger, P.Atk/Def: 437, M.Atk/Def: 192. NPC Клуб польских знакомств в москве, Dual, Quantity, Chance.

mamba edge dual dagger

(none found). Can be equipped by Dagger Masters of level 81 or above. Increases damage inflicted during PvP.

Mamba edge dual dagger

Mamba Edge Dual Daggers P.Atk: 437.